Bathroom Deep Clean Checklist

A bathroom deep clean can make your house feel fresh again! Get a one-time deep clean or add one on to your regular cleaning service. 

  • Ceiling & corners – Dust
  • Trim over doors, windows, wainscot, chair rail, etc. – Dust and wipe down 
  • Windows – Clean sills/trim inside, and open to wipe away any visible grime or debris.
  • Ceiling exhaust fan – Dust and wipe down fan cover, remove vent if necessary 
  • Ceiling light – Remove globe/bulb covering fixture, and clean out dust/bugs. Polish if necessary.
  • Over The Sink/Pendant Lights– Dust connection fixture from ceiling to bulbs, take out bulbs, clean around bulb connections and dust bulbs
  • Light Switches – Wipe Down and clean with appropriate cleaner
  • Walls – Dust/dry wipe down all walls, remove any scuffs or marks of food/fingerprints, etc. Wipe/dust anything attached to the walls whether functional or decorative.  
  • Shelving – Remove all items from shelves, dust and clean. Polish wood shelves, windex glass shelving
  • Cabinets/Pantry – Remove all items from the inside of cabinets and pantry, clean all shelves and inside of doors, clean all cabinet doors and knobs. Polish/shine cabinet knobs.
    • Cabinet fronts – Wipe down all cabinet fronts and handles/pulls
    • Near stove — Use Krud Kutter degreaser on the cabinet fronts around the stove
    • Under sink cabinet — Remove everything and clean this area. 
    • Trash/recycling pull out — Remove containers and clean area thoroughly.
  • Countertops – Move and clean any canisters, dish racks, counter-top appliances, paper towel holders, utensil jar, salt and pepper shakers, fruit bowls, etc. Move it all, wipe under and behind.
  • Backsplashes — Clean wall/backsplash behind sink, counters, and stove — removing food splatters and water spots. 
  • Sink – Scrub and wipe down sink. Polish and dry if stainless steel.
    • Drain – Clean and polish drain.Use abrasive to clean inside drains and garbage disposal areas.
    • Fixtures – Scrub and wipe down sink knobs/handles/levers removing build up around them, wipe/polish to a shine. Clean spray nozzle on sink and sprayer to ensure proper water flow. 
  • Toaster – Unplug, clean out crumb tray, polish and clean off all sides, clean counter underneath
  • Coffee Pot/Keurig – Run cleaning cycle, wash pot, clean inside where coffee filter/pods go. Move and wipe down the counter underneath the appliance. 
  • Microwave – Clean inside microwave, making sure to remove all residue from all sides, top and bottom inside, clean glass plate or rack. Clean outside microwave, wipe all sides of microwave, polish handles/stainless steel, clean exhaust area if above stove. 
  • Stove/Oven – Remove drip pans or top grates, wash, clean top of stove, clean all knobs(remove if necessary) and button, clean front of oven door and handle, clean inside of oven, remove and clean all shelves inside oven, remove any items and clean warmer drawer.
    • Exhaust hood — Clean all around and inside/under
  • Refrigerator/Freezer – Take all items out of refrigerator, clean off all shelves/drawers and inside walls, discard expired items, clean shelves on door. Take all items out of freezer, clean all shelves/drawers and walls, Clean outside doors and handles, clean ice maker/water dispenser. Wipe any exposed exhaust/vent area on the front, most often down low near the floor. 
  • Dishwasher — Clean front, control panel, sides and inside of door. Pull out bottom carriage, and clean any debris from drain or bottom of dishwasher pan.
  • Floor –  Wash/scrub floor with appropriate tool and cleaner. Check or spot clean any noticeably soiled floor grout. 
    • Rugs — Sweep/vacuum and/or shake out any rugs. Spot clean as necessary.
    • Baseboard trim — dust and wipe
    • Kickplates and corners – Check the areas just under the cabinet overhang. It’s easy to miss corners and dirt in this shaded spots. 
  • Trash/recycling area — If exposed area, give extra attention to this area, wipe/clean the outside of the containers. 
  • Pet food area(s) – If exposed area, give extra attention to this area, wipe/clean the outside of the dishes, and or food storage containers. 
  • Entry Doors – Clean door removing any scuffs, food, or fingerprints on fronts or backs or doors. Clean and polish handles. Clean glass if applicable. 
  • Windows — Clean sills, glass and trim. Wipe/shake or launder any curtains/drapes/shades. 


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